Terms and Conditions

No dangerous weapons allowed in the premises e.g. Guns, knives, machetes, pen knives etc

No drugs allowed in the premises, this includes smoking in public areas, marijuana and any form of narcotics.

Drinking alcoholic drinks while on campus is strictly prohibited. Water is allowed in the classrooms. No eating in classrooms.

Pornography is strictly prohibited on the Academy premises. Illegal gaming, internet fraud, fraud and paedophiles will lead to deregistration and a report to the SAPS.

Smoking is restricted to designated areas. No smoking in the toilets.

Punctuality: Students must report at least 15 minutes before the class start. Always carry your student card to be allowed access to the building and Academy facilities. Cell phone communication while in the class is strictly prohibited. Cell phones must be handed in or off at all times during the classes. (to be read in line with S.MAB’s training policies and TPM)

Language: Uncouth language towards other students and lecturers and making excessive noise, etc are not allowed, racial and derogatory terms including xenophobic terms, meant to humiliate sections of the community in a discriminative way are strictly prohibited. S.MAB Training Academy is a diverse, multi-national institution which promotes a non-racial, non-sexist, non-discriminative and non-xenophobic society where no one is discriminated on whatever grounds. (to be read in line with S.MAB’s training policies and TPM)

Learners must attend ALL lectures. In case of absenteeism, the academy must be informed before 9am, and a doctor’s certificate must be provided.

International students must showcase why they have NOT attended their lectures for more than 5 days, in this event we will be obliged to inform the Department of Home Affairs and the relevant consulate. (to be read in line with S.MAB’s training policies and TPM)

All Formative Assessments MUST be attended at the aircraft or Service providers. Failure to attend to the assessment will mean a student needs to attend with the next group, if there is space in the group. (to be read in line with S.MAB’s training policies and TPM)

Fees are payable up-front on or before the 7th day of every month (i.e. for students with payment arrangements).

Fees once paid are not refundable, except if a student has failed their aviation medical (NB. 6% administrative costs will be deducted from the money payed).

NB: Students that abscond will not be refunded.

In case of class cancellations by the academy, all efforts will be made to make a remedial class available to the student, if it is not possible due to problems beyond the control of the S.MAB Training Academy, we will endeavour to defer the class to the following week, however if the student feels that the class completion dates are way too far, we will allow the student to return when it suits them. This will be valid for a year only. (to be read in line with S.MAB’s training policies and TPM)

Student Accommodation: The S.MAB Properties which is one of the companies, under S.MAB Holdings companies is offering accommodation to S.MAB students.

(to be read in line with S.MAB’s training policies and TPM)

Indemnity: I hereby indemnify S.MAB Training Academy, S.MAB Holdings PTY.(Ltd), its employees, management and agents, from any legal costs which may arise due to damage of property, accidents, loss of property or loss of life whilst I am in their premises. I further indemnify S.MAB Training Academy Pty Limited, its agents, workers, employees and management against any Legal costs whatsoever emanating from denied access to the S.MAB Training Academy due to any “acts of God” including civil disobedience, civil strikes, flooding, inaccessibility due to any negligence of the owners of the premises and their third party agents and not limited to any legal process or insolvency. (to be read in line with S.MAB’s training policies and TPM)


I hereby accept to abide by the rules and regulations which may be published from time to time. I also declare that the information provided above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

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