Neuro-Agility and Study Skills Programme

  • Duration: 5 days

Neuro-Agility Profile and Study Skills Programme

Programme Overview

Neuro-Agility Profile (NAP) assessment is designed to assist learners to become high performers through learning to optimize their brain performance. By taking this assessment, learners will be able to increase the speed and flexibility with which to learn, think and process information.

On the other hand, the Study Skills module is designed to make learning faster, smarter, and easier. It is through the Study Skills module that learners will be able to improve their academic performance by mastering their listening, concentration, note-taking, reading, and memory techniques. Learners will also be introduced to effective examination strategies.

  1. Neuro-Agility Programme (NAP) consists of the following modules:
  • Neuro-agility Profile Assessment
  • Neuro-agility profile briefing
  1. Study Skills Programme consists of the following modules:

Module one

  • Brain facts
  • Brain profile review
  • Brain integration
  • Brain friendly foods
  • Brain friendly environment

Module 2

  • Attitude

Module 3

Technique: How to learn

  • A general approach to learning
  • Keyword recognition
  • Approach to reading
  • Note-taking
  • Memory techniques
  • Concentration
  • Examination techniques
  • Listening skills

Module 4

  • Stress handling techniques
  • Closing and motivation

What is the Programme duration?

  • 5 Days

Programme fees

  • R2000


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