Introduction to Basic Computer and Digital Literacy Skills

  • Duration: 2 days

The Introduction to Basic Computer and Digital Literacy Skills programme is aimed at young and adult learners who have low-level Computer Use literacy and very limited experience with the functions of a computer. To improve computer literacy, the learners are introduced to and use Windows and Chrome programs.


  • Laptop definition and Components
  • Laptop Ports and Buttons.
  • Basic Typing lesson and developing keyboard techniques to key in alpha and numeric text, symbols, and special characters.
  • Introduction to Basic Laptop Applications (MS Word, MS PowerPoint, G-mail Account, Google Chrome and Internet and MS Excel)
  • Connecting to the Internet.
  • Creating G-mail account, accessing online files, and using Google Play.
  • Creating, Saving, Renaming, and Deleting files and folders.
  • Shutting down your Laptop device.

Desired learner outcomes

The desired outcomes for the learners in this program are to:

  • Understand basic computer terminology.
  • Perform the basic functions of using a laptop computer, or Chromebook
  • Know Google Chrome features and how they are used with a Windows operating system or Chromebook
  • Use their learned skills to seek employment opportunities
  • Improve their computer literacy in their current jobs
  • Meet a personal goal
  • Access other learning opportunities


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