End User Computing – EUC (Skills Programmes)

  • Duration: 5 weeks

Programme Overview

The purpose of these Skills Programmes is to build on the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and values required to operate Basic Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Electronic Mail applications confidently in the South African community and to respond to the challenges of the basic computer skills shortages, both at workplace and in general, the country is currently experiencing.

This Programme is intended for learners who are already employed and need to upskill their understanding of Basic Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Electronic Email applications, or new learners entering the workplace for the first time, requiring basic Computer skills. The 5 (Five) Modules in this programme may be added to a full End User Computing course by learners who wish to enroll for a full course.

Programme Title Information Technology: End User Computing (Skills Programme)
Duration 5 Weeks
Admission Requirements Grade 10 + English Proficiency
Programme Type Skills Programmes


Business today depends on several aspects of information technology. It’s almost impossible to get ahead without computer skills. If you have a wide range of these skills, you’ll be highly employable, in a multitude of positions, in any business.

Module: Introduction to Basic Computer and Digital Literacy Skills.

Duration: 4 Days

·         Introduction to Laptop Computers.

·         Laptop Computer Components.

· Laptop Computer Ports and Buttons and their functions.

· Introduction to Basic Typing.

· Introduction to Basic Applications (MS Word, MS PowerPoint, G-mail Account, Google Chrome and Internet and MS Excel)

. Creating and Deleting Files/Folders

. Shutting down your Laptop Computer.

· Develop keyboard techniques to key in alpha and numeric text, symbols, and special characters.

· Produce sentences and paragraph containing alpha and numeric text, symbols, and special characters.


Module: Microsoft Word (Basic)

Duration: 5 Days

·         Create a document

·         Format a long document

·         Enhance a document

·         Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of word processing

·         Check spelling and grammar in a document

·         Adjust the display characteristics

Module: Microsoft Excel

Duration: 5 Days

·         Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of spreadsheets

·         Create, open, and save spreadsheets

·         Produce a spreadsheet from given specifications

·         Edit a spreadsheet

·         Format a spreadsheet

·         Check spelling in a spreadsheet

·         Print a spreadsheet using features specific to spreadsheets


Module: Microsoft PowerPoint

Duration: 5 Days

·         Prepare and produce a presentation according to a specified brief.

·         Work with multiple presentations.

·         Format a presentation according to given specifications

·         Use special presentation effects

·         Import images into a presentation

·         Use charts/graphs to enhance presentations

·         Use sound and video to enhance presentations.


Module: Electronic Mail (Outlook)

Duration: 5 Days

·         Understand the concepts and terms of electronic messaging

·         Create and send an email message

·         Receive and respond to emails

·         Work with multiple email message

·         Adjust settings to customize the view and preferences of the email application



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