Blended Flight Attendant Course (BFAC)

  • Duration: 12 weeks

What is the Blended Course? 

This Programme consists of the Blended Learning Methodology, including both online theoretical learning which is followed by practical training modules and assessments to be completed at the Academy. This method is ideal for people who may not be able to study full-time or who are currently employed and are unable to take study-leave.  Online learning will enhance your knowledge and education, it is a wonderful opportunity for people who normally cannot attend traditional classroom training for reasons such as lack of transportation, accommodation, training fees or the harsh realities of work. Training can be adjusted to fit into your lifestyle, to ultimately gain your Cabin Crew Licence.

There is interaction between the Learner and the Trainer, in order to measure the Learners’ progress. After completion of each Module, there is a comprehensive self-study quiz which needs to be completed successfully prior to progressing to the next Module. There is also a Chatroom available where students and trainers can discuss topics and Zoom meetings can be arranged on the platform. Communication can also take place via e-mail or telephonically.

On successful completion of the theoretical training period, the learners are required to attend a residency period, during which practical training and assessments will take place. Prior to advancing to this section of the training, learners will be required to write and successfully pass the SEPT Test for the Online Learning Component, which will include all relevant modules covered in the online learning component.

On arrival at S.MAB for the residency period, the SEPT Exam will be written – the pass mark is 90%.  Should the learner not meet the pass mark requirement, they will be required to undertake refresher training prior to undergoing the residency period.

What you will need for the E-Learning Portal:

 A Reliable Internet connection with enough Data

  • A Suitable Computer or Tablet
  • A Personal e-mail address
  • Supporting Software

 Job Description:

 Flight Attendants (otherwise known as Cabin Attendants, Cabin Crew Members, Air Hostesses or Stewards), are primarily responsible for the Safety of the passengers, their fellow crew members and of the aircraft. Their secondary responsibility is to provide excellent Customer service to passengers, whilst ensuring their comfort. Flight Attendants should always present a friendly, caring, well-groomed image, as they are important representatives of their Airline. They should be reliable and punctual, as Airlines operate according to strict Schedules.

Flight Attendants are trained to deal with all types of Emergency situations, Medical emergencies and Security situations which may arise on-board.  It is an exciting industry, a rewarding career, full of challenges, never mundane, as every day and flight will be different, working with and meeting new people, whilst flying to interesting destinations. If you love adventure and working with people, then this is your ideal career choice.

Job opportunities are available with both Commercial and Charter Airlines on Domestic, Regional and International routes.  This Career is open to both Males and Females and your Role will include all aspects of Customer Service, Cabin Safety, First Aid.

Why Register with S.MAB?

Here at S.MAB Aviation Training, we provide the highest standards of Flight Attendant training which are in line with the SACAA Regulatory requirements . All training, assessments, moderations and remediations are conducted by highly experienced, qualified SACAA accredited Instructors and Designated Examiners. Our Instructors can proudly boast with many years of flying experience with Companies such as SAA, Mango, Comair, Emirates and Global to name a few……….

We have attained a 100% SACAA pass rate with our students writing the SACAA exam.

After passing the SACAA Exam and completing all your Practical Assessments, you will obtain an Internationally recognised “South African Civil Aviation Authority” Cabin Crew Licence, which means that you can seek employment with a South African Based Airline. By having this Licence, you will gain an advantage, should you decide to go and fly for International Airlines such as Emirates, Qatar or Etihad.

Entry Requirements:

  • A Grade 12 or NQF Level 4 Certificate
  • A Valid Class 4 Medical Certificate, issued by a SACAA Designated Medical Examiner – The Class 4 Medical Certificate is necessary for Online Registration (NB: This Medical cannot be done by a General Medical Practitioner)
  • A Certified ID Copy for Online Registration
  • Age 18 – 35 Years (A minimum 18 years old at the time of writing the SACAA Exam)
  • Proficiency in the English Language (Read, Write and Speak)
  • Ability to Swim in water, with the aid of a Life Jacket

Duration of Course and Class Times:

The Course duration is a minimum of 12 Weeks.

7 weeks Online and a minimum of 5 weeks Residency at S.MAB Training Academy.

There will, however, be days when training is conducted at our external venues, especially during Practical training and assessments.

Classes run from Monday to Friday from 0800 – 1530 (Should training take place at an external venue, class times are subject to change).

Course Cost Includes: 

  • Access to the Cabin Crew Licence course and all Training material on the E-Learning Portal
  • All Assessments and Practical Drills
  • Transport to all Aviation Excursions
  • Exams and SACAA Licensing Fees
  • All Accredited Course Certificates
  • SACAA Cabin Crew Licence

Cabin Crew Licence Training: 

The following Training Modules will be covered in our 12-Week Course

  • Induction and Health Awareness
  • General SEPT (Safety and Emergency Procedures Training)
  • Emergency Equipment
  • Air Law
  • Theory of Flight
  • Flight and Duty Period
  • Aviation Security
  • Aircraft Type Rating (B737-300/200) – (Theoretical and Practical Training)
  • Slide Jump and Evacuations
  • Dangerous Goods Training (Category 11)
  • Aviation Medicine Training ( Theoretical and Practical Training)
  • Fire Fighting Training
  • Wet Ditching and Survival Training
  • World of Work (CV’s, Interview Skills and Work Readiness)

Course Cost:

Cash: R13 500.00 all inclusive.

Payment Terms:

 Registration Fee         :           R 1000.00  (Non-refundable, but valid for 12 months)

Deposit                        :           R 6 000.00

1st Month Instalment   :           R 3 250.00

2nd Month Instalment   :           R 3 250.00

NB: The Final payment is due before writing the SACAA Exam.

 Please note that Online Classes will only commence once a minimum of 4 Students have enrolled on the Course. This is according to the SACAA Regulations.

An English Language Competence Assessment shall be done prior to the acceptance of any student for initial cabin crew training.

  • The English Language Competency Assessment is only applicable to students that will be studying towards a South African cabin crew licence, approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA).
  • The duration of the assessment should be approximately 10 – 15 minutes.
  • The assessment will include a reading and speaking assessment.

Student Accommodation:

S.MAB Training Academy’s Sister company called S.MAB Properties offers accommodation to S.MAB Academy students.


Please feel free to contact the Academy at 012 755 9820 for details regarding our special rates and discounts for accommodation.


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