Begin Your Career in Aviation By Studying Online

A worldwide pandemic does not have to stop you from chasing your dreams. With technology and online learning, people seeking out new opportunities now have the ability to train and study online, so that when life goes back to normal, they can jump right into their new career. 

Affordable and safe from COVID 19, our Blended Flight Attendant Course can help you begin a new career as a cabin crew member from the comfort of your home. You might be wondering, how one can learn to be an efficient cabin crew member outside of a plane? Well, that is the beauty of our blended course. You learn the theories at home for 7 weeks and then end your course with a 4-5 week practical training session where you will be interacting with the course material on a practical level. Learning the theories and content that is required of you to become a Flight Attendant at home is a more than adequate way to absorb the information. Then during the residency period, you get to utilize the information you were taught online in person and amongst your peers and teachers.

Our blended course is a way to complete your required learning online and in-person from an accredited institution. Our program has a 100% SACAA pass rate, so worrying about missing part of your education because a portion of your learning is done online is an unnecessary thought. You need to pass and receive accreditation from SACAA to become a flight attendant and we have the results from previous students to show you how reliable our program is. We know that there are many factors in life that can keep new learners from being able to attend a course in person —not to mention a worldwide pandemic keeping many from being able to safely gather in person.

This Blended Flight Attendant Course allows you to take the time you need to learn the theoretical portion of the education from the comfort of your home and personal computer. You lead a balanced lifestyle while also receiving a high-quality education that will prepare you for a successful career in aviation. 

Some may worry that taking courses online will keep you from achieving the same level of expertise that your peers who take a course in person achieve. This is not the case. All course material is uploaded and divided into 35 days of studying with quizzes.

All modules, slideshows and videos are uploaded. The same material used in the classroom. Our blended course also offers access to communication with the facilitators and those overseeing your coursework. You can easily contact who you need to by phone, email, and even set up online Zoom calls to ask any in-depth questions you may have.

If you are wanting to stay safe and follow recommended COVID 19 precautions, you can do so and also not put your life on hold. This course offers you quality online lessons and consistent communication with those overseeing the courses. Our course is flexible, affordable, and can give you the education you need to succeed in your future aviation career.

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