Does the academy offer bursaries?

Please visit the bursaries page for more information,.

Am I guaranteed a job after completing the course?

We do not place or recruit any students, however, we do offer students a Work Readiness module which includes CV & Cover Letter Preparation and Interview Skills and we share advertised job opportunities from different airline  companies with our students.

Do I get certificates after completing my course?

Students are awarded with certificates for different modules that they completed for their course and Flight Attendant Courses students are awarded with a Cabin Crew License endorsed by SACAA. PGH students will be awarded  with certificate of completion at the end of their course and End-User Computing students will receive a Statement of Results (SOR) accredited by MICT SETA.

What is the difference between Flight Attendant Course and Flight Attendant PLUS Course?

The difference is that the Flight Attendant PLUS Course has three additional modules which are End-User Computing, Neuro-agility Assessment and Passenger Ground Handling Course.

Do you have accommodation for students and is it included in my fees?

We have two student accommodations which are fully furnished and the fee includes full bedding, TV lounge, water & electricity, transport, and cleaning services. Student accommodation is a separate fee.

Do you offer swimming lessons?

We do not offer swimming lessons to our students, however, the academy will provide contacts details of reliable swimming lesson providers.

Do I have to buy the uniform separately?

Uniform fees are covered in the face-to-face initial course fee. Students are provided with a casual academy t-shirt and formal uniform.

Online student however, will only receive the casual academy t-shirt with their course fees. Students can purchase the formal uniform

Is my height important for this career?

Height and weight requirements depend on the the aircraft type you will be operating on, larger aircrafts may require you to be “taller” and if you are “shorter”, you can work in smaller aircrafts.

Are you a legitimate training institution?

Yes, S.MAB Training Academy was founded in 2011 and we are accredited by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA/0149) and MICT SETA ( ACC/2017/07/0030)

Where can I apply for work with the SACAA Cabin Crew License?

You can apply to work for any South African registered Airline. You can also work for Charter companies, which sometimes work on Contract flying in South Africa, Africa and around the World.

Candidates who are 21 years or older can also apply to work for International Airlines such as Emirates, Etihad and Qatar.

Are Tattoos and Body Markings allowed ?

It depends on the specific Airline policy.  However, tattoos and body markings should preferably be concealed by the uniform and should not be in visible areas on the body.

Do I need to speak multiple Languages to apply for work as a Flight Attendant?

No, English is the International language for Aviation, so you need to be proficient in English. Any extra Languages that you speak are highly sought after on your CV and job application, they are a bonus, but not a requirement.

Is there an Age restriction to working as a Flight Attendant?

You need to be a minimum of 18 years old to attain your SACAA License, but there is no further restriction – you can fly till retirement age, provided you are medically fit, and you do your annual training as per the SACAA Regulations.

Is the Flight Attendant Course difficult?

The Standards of training are very high, as your role is that of a Safety Officer taking responsibility for the safety and lives of passengers on the aircraft.  The pass-marks for theory are 90% and 100% for practical, but we provide you with all the necessary training material and support to attain these results.

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