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About Our Institution

S.MAB Training Academy was established in 2011 as an ATO (Aviation Training Organization.) In our 10 years of experience, the academy has managed to maintain the 100% SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) pass rate for our students. This can be attributed to our value for excellence and willingness to meet each student at their point of need. In our 10 years of experience, we have developed into a fully-fledged Training Academy that offers a dynamic range of courses which diverge into 4 different industries.

Although we specialize in offering fully accredited aviation courses, our progressive nature has led to the introduction of various short-courses which will not only enrich the minds of prospective students, but increase their employability. Our mission is to empower the youth through education and reduce unemployment by giving people the skills to discover their untapped potential and providing the necessary support and training that will expose them to various job opportunities. The academy is vibrant with students from diverse backgrounds, we ensure each student’s success by giving them individual attention and resources to thrive. We also provide work-readiness programmes and neuro-agility programmes that will not only help students excel in their careers, but foster personal growth and development.

S.MAB Training Academy is a subsidiary of S.MAB Group of companies which has its offices in 4 provinces and is gearing towards a national footprint. The company was founded by an award-winning entrepreneur – Snoekie Mabena-Saleh. Her vision is to develop people through training and ultimately alleviate poverty in South Africa through skills development and job creation. Snoekie Mabena-Saleh’s has managed to build a successful organization that is well-known for delivering exceptional quality service. Every member of the S.MAB Training Academy team embodies excellence and works together effectively to reach the common goal of ensuring that every student’s experience is extraordinary!

Why Choose Our Institution


S.MAB Training Academy is an institution that specializes in aviation-related, IT, Emotional Intelligence, Study Skills, and Neuro-agility courses. The academy has been providing quality training for 10 years, and it is recognized by  industry stakeholders and partners.


S.MAB Training Academy is fully accredited by the South African Civil Aviation Authority, MICT SETA and Neuro-Link South Africa, and our multi-talented team of facilitators and administrators are the primary reason for the academy’s success over the years.


We are a team that is passionate and committed to the success of our students by empowering them to improve their future by learning new skills


Popular Companies That May Employ Our Students Upon Completing Their Studies With Us

FlySafair, SAA, Comair, Airlink, Flyairlink, Qatar Airways, Emirates.

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